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Hardly Together

Field Experiments 

November 3 – December 17, 2017
Opening reception November 3, 2017, 7-10pm

Fisher Parrish Gallery is pleased to present Hardly Together, an immersive exhibition by Field Experiments – nomadic collective founded by Paul Marcus Fuog, Karim Charlebois Zariffa and Benjamin Harrison Bryant.  Fundamental to Field Experiments' process is the observation and documentation of a place. In response to these observations, Field Experiments composes objects in the form of conceptual souvenirs. Through collecting, assembling and repurposing, they seek to make work that comments on a time, place and its people. Focusing their lens towards New York City, Field Experiments' Hardly Together exhibition is a study of the tenuous connections and surprising entanglements they discovered during their research.

Field Experiments uses collaborative making to explore diverse cultures and craft communities in different regions around the world. Underpinned by cross-cultural exchange, they produce projects, products and ideas across multiple formats including furniture, clothing, video, publications, exhibitions, interiors, installation and printed materials. In 2015, their work was nominated and featured in the Designs of the Year exhibition at the Design Museum in London. Past work has been shown at Moiety Gallery in New York, 8 Queen in Montreal, Melbourne’s RMIT Design Hub, Ventura Lambrate in Milan, New York Design Week, Tokyo’s Gallery Festa and at Breda’s Graphic Design Festival. 

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