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NADA House
Governors Island
May 2 – August 4, 2019
Animal Interviews by Zach Martin 
Presented by Fisher Parrish Gallery

Fisher Parrish is thrilled to participate in NADA House, New Art Dealer's Alliance (NADA)’s second off-site exhibition on Governors Island, featuring 45 artists from NADA Member galleries and non-profits in a new, expanded format across 34 rooms in three historic, turn-of-the-century Colonial Revival houses. Fisher Parrish Gallery is pleased to present a site specific installation of works by Rhode Island-based artist Zach Martin for NADA House in conjunction with his current solo exhibition Animal Interviews at Fisher Parrish Gallery. 


In Animal Interviews Martin poses his sculptures as part of an unseen and imagined state of Governors Island’s history – lying somewhere in between the island’s transition from military use, to its current state as a site for artistic, scientific, and urban experimentation. This new work envisions a transitional state of neglect and disrepair in which animals entered the island’s domestic sphere, moving in and making their own home within its human architecture.  

In the artists words –

I propose to make a group of interspecific furniture, available for use by wild animals and/or humans. The furniture will be displayed indoors but they are moveables and have the potential to be placed anywhere. The furniture can be used by land animals from rodent size to human size. The degrees of accessibility/comfort may vary slightly for different species but a balance is the goal. It is ok for an animal to use the furniture as a shelter. Humans must be aware of nests if they are added and be careful not disturb them(even if it means not sitting). Manmade structure in this case is an act of visual communication between impermanent species. 

Similar to Martin’s past works, these pieces intermediate sculpture and and design. They are recognizable yet abstract, messy yet refined. They articulate the liminal areas – the space between states of existence, art and commodity, object and user, and between familiarity and abstraction. His furniture-esque sculptures are both humorous and eerily anthropomorphic, evoking surrealist figures crossed with caricatures of chairs, tables and lamps. His cast of starkly colored objects are curved, bulbous and arching, suspended in alternating positions of flexing and repose—perverse biomorphic sculptures that have a physical presence that is uncannily familiar, while at the same time unsettling and alien. 

NADA House on Governors Island will take place in Colonel's Row House 403 & 404 and will be on view every weekend, Friday through Sunday, 11am–5pm from May 2, 2019 to August 4, 2019. For more information, please email

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