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The Paperweight Show

Inaugural Exhibition at Fisher Parrish Gallery

April 14th, 2017 – June 11th, 2017 [EXTENDED]

Opening Reception April 14th, 2017, 7-10pm


Fisher Parrish Gallery is pleased to present our inaugural exhibition The Paperweight Show - an exhibition of original small works by over 100 contemporary artists and designers. The paperweight is a small weighty sculpture to which we have ascribed one very simple function (a somewhat obsolete function today). From clearly 'designed' and functional works, to more conceptual explorations of a specific function, The Paperweight Show aims to engage both established and emerging artists and designers in an important dialogue - pushing your own disciplinary boundaries and allowing for a deeper understanding of the object.

Participating artists include,


Katherine Gray & Eric Huebsch, "A Study in Efficiency"

Aaron Elvis Jupin

Alex Ito

Alex Reed

Andrew Ross

Andy Onderdonx

Anthony Anaya

Anton Alvarez

Aria McManus

Audrey Snyder

B.Thom Stevenson

Bari Ziperstein

Brendan Lynch

Brendan Timmins

Brian Kraft

Brian Rochefort

Brian Thoreen

Bridget Mullen

Bruce M. Sherman

Brunno Jahara

Camilla Iliefski

Chad Phillips

Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Chris Beeston

Chris Lux

Chris Oh

Chris Wolston

Christopher Chiappa

Christopher Kurtz

Clayton Schiff

Clemens Kois

Cody Hoyt

Dan Flanagan

Daniel Michalik

David Brandon Geeting

David Pappaceno

Diana Lozano

Doug Johnston

Elise McMahon

Elise Peterson

Emmett Moore

Esther Ruiz

Field Experiments


Gregory Buntain

Guy Corriero

Harry Gould Harvey IV & Brittni Ann Harvey

Hayley Martell

Henry Julier

Huy Bui

Ian McDonald

Interior Theatre

Jesse Moretti

Jessica Hans

Jim Drain

Jim Oliviera

Joey Watson

Jonathan Nesci

Julia Leonard

Julian Watts

Kaelie Barnard

Katherine Gray & Eric Huebsch

Katie Stout

Katrina Vonnegut

Kristin Victoria Barron

Kylie White

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio


Letha Wilson

Lex Pott

Linda Lopez

Lora Appleton & Keith Holser

Luke Armitstead

Mariana Vidal-Escabi

Matthew Palladino

Matthew Ronay

Maxim Schidlovsky

Michael Assiff & Rebecca Fin Simonetti

Michael Yarinsky

Mimi Jung

Misha Kahn

Morgan Blair

Nick DeMarco

Nick Fusaro


Pat Kim

Paul Wackers

Pete Oyler

Priscilla Jeong

Raine Trainor

Rico Gatson

Riley Strom

Roula Nassar

Saar Shemesh

Sebastian Marbacher

Simran Johnston

Soft Baroque

Steven Haulenbeek

Tessa Perutz & Recreation Center

Thaddeus Wolfe

Thomas Barger

Thomas Leinberger

Torbjörn Vejvi

V.V. Sorry

Various Projects


Werner Haker

Will Rose

Wintercheck Factory

For further information, please email

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