In My Dreams – Group Exhibition by Aria McManus

Curated by Aria McManus

  • Al Baio
  • Ida Badal
  • Pippa Garner
  • Tyler Healy
  • Priscilla Jeong
  • Hannah Kuo
  • Alexandra Marzella
  • Aria McManus
  • Corey Rubin
  • Cecilia Salama
  • Lele Saveri
  • Raine Trainor
  • Chloe Wise
  • Sarah Zapata


  • May 4 – June 10, 2018
  • Opening reception May 4, 2018, 7-10pm

Fisher Parrish Gallery is pleased to present In My Dreams, a group exhibition curated by artist Aria McManus including works by Al Baio, Ida Badal, Pippa Garner, Tyler Healy, Priscilla Jeong, Hannah Kuo, Alexandra Marzella, Corey Rubin, Cecilia Salama, Lele Saveri, Raine Trainor, Chloe Wise, and Sarah Zapata.

Last night I had another dream, I have been recording my dreams for a few months now, and in this dream I dreamed I curated a show with a bunch of different people that had been in all my previous dreams, we were all at Fisher Parrish Gallery but somehow it looked like my childhood room. On one wall was a painting Ida Badal made, it was a painting it looked like a crater but somehow if you looked at it in a different way you saw something else.


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Raine had a piece that you could wear that would ‘toss your salad’ while you jumped on a trampoline. Tyler Healy had a piece in the show that was a sign post but just had a date on it, the date was sometime the future. Sarah Zapata was in the show too and she was showing this blue vessel it looked soft but had a specific round structure. Al Baio was there from Tokyo she had a dog painting in the show but it wasn’t exactly a dog it was also flowers all mixed together with bright colors.

Someone announced I had firefighter unicorns in the show and I wasn’t actually sure what it was but then I saw it was a helmet with a hose coming off the head piece. Cecilia Salama had this platform shoe heel it was printed on a sheet but then it had hoop earrings hanging down almost like like a spiral notebook but they were all little earrings pierced into the sheet.

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I could hear all my dream recordings were playing over speakers in the space, and there was a photo of something that was in a different dream of unicorn firefighters. Then there were more people in the show, Hannah Kuo was showing a photo of a mountain but you couldn’t really tell it was a mountain because it was covered in clouds. There was another wall with paintings by Corey Rubin, it was a set of shades of black paintings hung on the wall some were shiny some looked like you could look through them.


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Chloe Wise had a piece in the show that looked like it was an oversized martini glass filled with pasta and a slice of cantaloupe. In another area Pippa Garner did something I’m not sure it was a shirt she made or a photo she took. Priscilla Jeong and Lele Saveri were also in the show, Priscilla had a large clear cube encasing a metal item the size of a pocket knife but wasn’t a pocket knife. Lele had a printed paper poster that was a black and white photograph of a protester. Alexandra Marzella also had this glass pane leaning against a wall and then a video was playing on a phone next to it.  Then I woke up.

From the surreal to the everyday, each work in In My Dreams is woven together by a sleepy monotone narrative of a dream spoken by Aria McManus – one of many absurd dreams recorded and catalogued by McManus over the last 9 months. In this dream, each artist or their work appears in an odd cameo. In My Dreams runs from May 4th through June 10th, 2018, with an opening reception on Friday, May 4th from 7-10pm.

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